Airbnb wants to send you on a free ‘sabbatical’ to the Bahamas
31 Jan 2020

Airbnb and the Bahamas National Trust, which protects the country’s 32 national parks, have announced a new joint offering, called the Bahamas Sabbatical.

Through this sabbatical, which is open to South Africans, five people will get to spend two months of ‘living like an islander’ in the Bahamas. If selected, you’ll get to travel to ‘pink sand beaches, one of the world’s largest reef systems, and other lesser-known natural areas to help preserve authentic culture and natural resources,’ said Airbnb in a statement.

The Bahamas sabbatical is about helping the region. Image: Airbnb

Participants will get to explore three beautiful islands, Andros, Exumas, and Eleuthera, in this ecological oasis which weren’t affected by Hurricane Dorian in October 2019.

On Andros participants will work with underwater and travel photographer, Katie Storr, to help create a coral reef restoration program in North Marine Park. They’ll get to be part of establishing a new coral nursery, where reef fragments will be grown and later transplanted to areas that were affected by last year’s storm. Participants will also explore blue holes, harvest sponges, and more.

On Exuma, known for its crystal clear waters, participants will work with free-diver Andre Musgrove to get rid of invasive species and paving the way for other reef-friendly species to enter and thrive. They’ll also participate in ‘conch conservation, traditional boatbuilding, and sailing’.

On Eleuthera with its pink sand beaches participants will learn propagation techniques from ‘master gardener’ Omar Mcklewhite for the native trees and help establish a bush tea farm. They’ll also research native species, practice traditional pineapple farming, and harvest sea salt.

Participants will work to help protect the ecology in the Bahamas, but there’ll be time to relax too. Image: Airbnb

‘The Bahamas is open for business and while we work to restore parts of the archipelago devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the vast majority is ready for visitors,’ said Eric Carey, Executive Director of the Bahamas National Trust. ‘Partnering with Airbnb is an incredible opportunity to help further preserve our culture and resources and share our diverse country and the Bahamian way of life with the world.’

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the 700 island archipelago is open to people over 18 who speak good conversational English and who are willing to contribute to island life.

To apply, visit airbnb.com/sabbatical and complete the application form. Make sure to read the selection rules carefully on the Airbnb website before applying.

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