City of Cape Town Lands AirBnB Collaboration Deal
23 Oct 2017

The city has signed a deal with Airbnb to boost the tourism industry

The Mother City became the first African metropole to sign a collaboration deal with Airbnb on Wednesday, 18 October 2017.

The agreement will see the city get a share of the rental company’s latest investment of R13.4 million into Africa. Mayor Patricia De Lille said the deal would promote the benefits of people-to-people tourism for local residents and their communities. The City of Cape Town will team up with Airbnb to boost the attractiveness of the city.

Hosts on Airbnb in Cape Town welcomed close to 300 000 visitors during the past year. This resulted in the city receiving an economic boost of R2.4 billion. The city will be invited to give Airbnb expertise on where to take their program to guarantee alignment with broader municipal priorities, including the city’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan, which aims to leverage technology for progress, thus building integrated communities and enabling greater economic inclusion.

The hospitality platform will especially look to scale up its test program from earlier this year, which supported training locals in hospitality and technology, to reach more women and youth in communities throughout Cape Town.

“The sharing economy has the ability to welcome more Capetonians into the tourism sector, in line with our efforts to build an inclusive city as we welcome more Airbnb guests,” said De Lille. The Mayor also emphasised the space created for entrepreneurs to excel, with Cape Town being a globally competitive destination.

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