Cocoon Cape Town
12 Sep 2017

Cocoon Cape Town is one of the most mind-blowing, deluxe Cape Town hotspots and if you are to do anything in your life, it is to visit this club at least once. And then a few times more because you’ll love it! Set on the 31st floor of the Absa Centre, it offers a panoramic vision of Cape Town – its CBD, its mountain, harbour and its ocean. The journey to the top floor of this skyscraper is a heady rush and the view makes it absolutely worth it.

The décor is unmistakable excellence – from the rich marble to the illuminated pillars and framed mirrors. It’s swanky, plush and quite breath-taking. Enjoy a drink from the oval bar while admiring the lavishness that is Cocoon Cape Town. The designer couches, string lights, marble and glass highlight the sophistication that Cocoon Cape Town exudes. It encourages exclusivity and class and it is no wonder that it is fast becoming one of the most sought-after nightlife experiences in Cape Town.


Locals and tourists are making their way to Cocoon Cape Town, not only to enjoy the amazing view and a glamorous Cape Town sunset, but also for some of the brilliant parties and events that incorporate mainstream music which includes commercial house, hip hop, and a touch of retro and nostalgia. Maintaining its exclusivity, Cocoon Cape Town is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, and occasionally the night before a public holiday, but this is always advertised.

The bar has a wide selection of drinks on offer and you are sure to find your preferred thirst-quencher that is bound to get you out on the dance floor swaying to smooth and pulsating rhythms. The barmen are super-efficient and the service at Cocoon Cape Town has been rated as tops. You can view the dance floor and take in some more of the splendour from the desired VIP area where the décor and furnishings has one feeling like royalty. Go on, spoil yourself.

Cocoon Cape Town oozes sultriness and sass. It is rumoured that many have sometimes been more wowed by the bathrooms (voted the second most desired location, in the Mother City, for couples) than the views. Be sure to keep yourself up to date on Cocoon Cape Town’s parties and special events as they are known to go all out when it comes to partying in style. Yes, please.

No under-21s for the ladies and no under-23s for the guys on Fridays and no under – 23s on Saturdays, means that Cocoon Cape Town is a little bit classier and stylish than most nightclubs in the CBD. A strict dress code means that one has a viable excuse to get all glammed up. How can you resist? Put on your dancing shoes and rise to the top floor – tonight is going to be magical!