Dash Berlin Interview: Ultra South Africa 2020
5 Mar 2020

Ultra South Africa 2020 has just closed their gates, struck down those massive stages and packed the iconic U’s away after the weekend’s shows, and oh what shows they were!

Mostly known for its Miami edition, the good folks of Ultra rolled into town this weekend for what has fast become the highlight of the South African electronic dance music calendar. Bringing with them some of the biggest names in dance music.

The Night Life team headed up by founder Luke Wiggins was given an amazing opportunity to sit down one on one with one of SA favourite international artists – Dash Berlin (Jeffrey Sutorius).

We had been looking forward to the chance to interview Dash for some time now and jumped right into it:

Dash Berlin Interview: Ultra South Africa 2020

What can we expect from your set? How do you decide what to play?

I get that question a lot, especially over social media. For people that know Dash Berlin and have been following my sets, they know that I always keep that in mind. Playing in South Africa a few times in the past has really helped me understand what the festival-goers enjoy a little better. I want to make people happy, that’s what I am there for – that’s my main goal. I will try my best to please everybody as much as possible!    

What advice would you give to up & coming artists?  

In my experience music is an amazing way to bring people together. Creating music should be something you have a passion for and want to share that passion with people who can connect with it – make something that creates a moment for them to go back to.

What does it feel like when you find out that you have such a big following of fans all over the world especially here in SA?

Absolutely Amazing! With the way the world has evolved through the internet and social media platforms, more people have access to more artists that they might not have heard of in their home country before. I am humbled by the amount of support from the “Dashers” worldwide who have shown their continued support for me over the years.

Dash Berlin & Luke Wiggins

The event production was at its usual jaw-dropping best, and the only criticism that could be directed at these shows were that they had to end…

“Ultra South Africa 2020 was, as they always are, the best one we have produced to date”, commented Ultra SA Founders, Shaun Duvet and Tony Feldman. “These shows are such massive projects to pull together and each year when we see it all come together with the incredible teams that join us each year in making this happen, we feel very proud.  We cannot wait for 2021 and all the years to come as the shows get bigger and wilder. Watch this space, South Africa!”

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