Glitter tongues are the latest beauty craze…OMG Really?
9 Jan 2018

People are putting glitter on their tongues.

It’s the latest bizarre beauty trend. People dip their tongues in the sparkly stuff, and make their smiles that little bit more colourful.

According to PopSugar, make-up artist Jacinta Vukovic stumbled upon the look after applying glitter to her lips and accidentally getting some on her tongue.

She thought it looked nice. Now loads of people are rocking the glimmering tongues look. It’s all over Instagram – a chic festival shimmer.

The thing is, the aesthetic, while popular, could prove quite harmful. Glitter isn’t edible, yet putting it on your tongue will inevitably mean you’ll swallow some. It’s unavoidable.

The little bits of plastic won’t kill you (unless you consume a huge amount), but can cause some serious problems with your gut. The stuff can’t be broken down, so might leave you with stomach aches, blockages, or worse.

Glitter is scratchy and abrasive. And it can carry bacteria, too. It really is inadvisable to cover your tongue in it. It’s also not really monitored by the UK governing bodies, so could be made from anything. Sorry to be a fun killer.

It also tastes bad.
But never fear. You can get edible glitter – the products you use to decorate cakes, for example. There are some products totally safe to put on your tongue.

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