Grow the biggest marijuana plant in South Africa and win R1,000!
23 Jan 2019

Cash of R1,000 is up for grabs if you can grow the biggest homegrown marijuana plant in South Africa.

The “Bushmastery” competition, launched this week, ends on May 31.

In an article written on the 22 January 2019 – BY NICO GOUS

TransfOrmus MD Peter Searll said there has been a buzz around marijuana since the Constitutional Court legalised dagga on September 18 last year.

“Legalising marijuana touches on our ability as adults to make choices for our own lives that we have been denied for so long.”

The Starke Ayres Garden Centres and TransfOrmus, parent company of enOrmous Bud, a bio-active cell food, on Monday launched the first complete marijuana home-growing kit – minus the seeds.

“We wanted to include the seeds and we had long discussions about it, but we felt that it just might be in the grey area. We thought it might actually cause problems, so we decided against offering seeds,” Searl said.

The Constitutional Court decriminalised adults smoking dagga at home and growing enough marijuana for personal consumption. Smoking marijuana publicly and dealing in it are still illegal.

“There still seems to be a bit of fear,” Searll said. “We’re not selling cannabis, so we’re not doing anything illegal.”

Searll highlighted the medicinal properties of marijuana: “If people can grow it in their own home, which they know is chemical-free, that’s the best quality they can get, and that’s only helpful to them.”

Searll believes there would be outrage if the government banned alcohol.

“The cannabis guys are more likely to form a band, than a gang.”

We are keen to consider that all the submissions will simply road map the locations of many dealers and while marijuana is legal there is still many grey areas about quantity and distribution. What are your thoughts on this?

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