Heesen’s Project Maximus Yacht Is the Epitome of Luxe Sea Dwelling
6 Oct 2017

Designer Clifford Denn has joined with Heesen for a breathtaking new build, dubbed Project Maximus. Spanning 83 meters in length, the vessel takes a number of design cues from larger cruise ships.

In order to maximize space, the yacht boasts arched sides, large swaths of glass and a forward-placed wheelhouse, again, common on most cruise ships. Thanks to the placement of the wheelhouse, the vessel now has more than adequate room for open decks, joined by stairs and highlighted by a magnificent pool that even welcomes a waterfall above. This in turn flows directly into a jacuzzi that resides near the beach below.

Scan through the gallery above for a glimpse at the Heesen Project Maximus Yacht.

For more, see how man and nature become one on this insane 120-meter-long yacht concept.

Credit – highsnobiety.com

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