New Ferrari Portofino, A Ferrari You Could Maybe Own…
24 Aug 2017

Ferrari has debuted the Portofino, aptly named for an Italian resort town you or I will never visit and just as we will most likely never find ourselves owning this new V8 GT, if ever there was a chance it’s now.

The Portofino replaces the California T in Ferrari’s more fiscally-conscious segment, meaning it should MSRP somewhere around $200,000. And though not cheap it is seven-figures less than what it would cost you to get behind the wheel of a LaFerrari. The all-new Portofino will feature a new chassis compared to its outgoing counter-part. As well as, an increase of about 40hp bringing the total to 592hp with near identical lb.-ft. of torque capturing a 0-62 time of 3.5-seconds.

With a slight departure from the Rosso Corso the brand has come to know and love the Portofino will feature a Rosso Portofino paint at launch. However, moving even further from traditional Ferrari is the inclusion of a 10.2-inch infotainment system. A feature not entirely inline with track ready Ferraris, but an almost must have these days in the world of “lower-end” luxury cars.

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