Ultra Music Festival Secret Stage – Did You See It?
1 Apr 2019

Over the years, many people have attended the event and have formed opinions about their experiences. It is important to keep in mind that in the 20 years of the festival’s existence, MANY things have changed. From one year to the next, improvements, additions, and changes are made to aspects of the event that can alter an attendee’s experience.

2019 in particular will see Ultra Music Festival in Miami undergo one of its most prominent changes in recent years, as it will now be produced in a new location in the City of Miami – Historic Virginia Key Beach Park & Miami Marine Stadium. Unlike previous years, this coming Ultra Music Festival will be unique in that all attendees will be experiencing it for the first time. This means that everyone, even the Ultra veteran, will have a lot to learn about the brand new aspects of the festival.

However this year something magical came into play. This years Ultra Music Festival featured dozens of acts on multiple stages, with one that not all of the concertgoers were able to experience. Most probably had no idea it was even happening. Others maybe heard rumors but surely thought it was a joke. A few fortunate and brave souls found themselves actually walking through a set of fake trees and plants just off to the left of the main stage that was equipped with a secret stage on the other end of the entrance…

While it seems this secret dancefloor only features sets after the sun had gone down not to give away its location, pictures and videos of the discovery have made their way online. And this isn’t the first time a festival has used this interesting trick.

People were so shocked and impressed by what they experienced when they walked through that stretch of the tree line that the secret stage has now gone viral. Which probably means it won’t be such a secret next year. 

Full photo and videos coming soon. #ultra2019 #ultramusiicfestiival2019 Watch now https://bit.ly/2HEY663

Happy – April fools

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